Google Reviews SEO: 7 Factors That Boost Rankings + Best Practices

The Impact of Google Reviews on SEO Revealed

Google reviews SEO

Google reviews have become an essential part of local search and driving conversions for businesses. But how exactly do they influence search engine optimization (SEO) and search rankings?

This article will explore how Google reviews help SEO, local ranking factors, and how to optimize reviews for better local search visibility.

Do Google Reviews Help SEO?

In short, yes: Google reviews help SEO and, along with many other factors, can improve a business’s local search ranking and visibility.

Reviews—both positive and negative—provide new content for Google to crawl, often containing relevant keywords and phrases. This allows Google to understand what a business offers and gauge customer sentiment surrounding it.

Google favors businesses with good reputations. So, the more reviews and higher ratings a business has, the more likely it is to appear higher in local results.

Benefits of Good Google Reviews for SEO

Creating a Google reviews SEO strategy can help benefit your local business in several ways:

  • Boosts your local search rankings in Google Maps and Search, making your business stand out.
  • Improves visibility in local search results, helping more people find your business on Google.
  • Provides social proof that your business is reputable and builds trust, making potential new customers more likely to choose you.
  • Leads to higher click-through rates on your business profile and website, driving more conversions and sales.

The more positive reviews you have, the more relevance and authority you gain with Google.

What is the Google Review Algorithm?

The Google review algorithm is a system that looks at various factors and signals to evaluate businesses and determine how they rank in local search results.

While the full details are kept private, Google has confirmed reviews and ratings play a role in how its algorithms rank local businesses.

As per Google, local search results are primarily based on three core elements:

  • Relevance: How closely a business’s information matches what a user is searching for. Businesses that are more relevant to search queries will rank higher.
  • Distance: How close a business physically is to the location a user is searching for. Google prioritizes showing users businesses that are closer in proximity.
  • Prominence: How well-known and reputable a business is in the real world and online. This is determined in part by Google reviews, online mentions, links, and web presence.

Google seeks to use a combination of these elements to connect searchers with the best-matching local businesses. Using Google reviews SEO maximizes the likelihood of your business appearing and ranking across search results.

Factors in Google Reviews SEO That Influence Local Rankings & Results

Here are the Google reviews SEO factors that impact a business’s rank and visibility in local results:

1. Quantity of reviews

Google explicitly states that a business’s review count factors into local search ranking. The number of Google reviews a business has can positively influence rankings, as a larger number of reviews signals to Google that the business is established and more consumers are engaging with it.

2. Star ratings

Positive ratings are another confirmed factor in Google reviews SEO that correlates with better local ranking in search results. This indicates that customers find the business reliable and are having good experiences.

Higher star ratings in individual reviews will raise a business’s review score (average star rating). This is a clear quality signal that Google uses to understand how satisfied customers are, with higher ratings tending to lead to better local search rankings.

3. Business Profile completeness

A complete Google Business Profile helps your business show up in relevant local search results on Google Maps and Search, and improve your rankings.

As advised by Google, “To secure the best possible ranking, make sure that your business information is correct, comprehensive, and up to date.”

Business information

Providing details like your address, hours, categories, and attributes gives Google’s algorithms useful information to produce the most relevant search results.

For example, businesses that have included their address and hours in their Business Profile will appear for people who search for “restaurants near me” or “salons open now.”

Did you know: According to Think with Google, 76% of people who perform a search on their smartphones for something nearby visit a business within 24 hours.

User engagement

User engagement signals can also contribute to Google reviews SEO. For example, aspects like website clicks, direction requests, and other profile interactions provide relevance and prominence indicators.

Overall, both profile completeness and user engagement metrics are important factors in local SEO.

Did you know: Customers find businesses with a complete Business Profile 2.7 times more reputable, according to data from Google.

4. Review response rate

Does responding to reviews help SEO? Yes, Google recommends businesses manage and respond to reviews in its guidelines around local ranking.

Actively responding to reviews, both positive and negative, indicates the business values customer feedback and satisfaction. Unanswered negative reviews can be a red flag, whereas responsively dealing with complaints demonstrates effective customer service to Google.

Did you know: According to a Harvard Business Review study, businesses that reply to customer reviews get 12% more reviews and an increase in overall ratings.

5. Quality of reviews

High-quality, detailed written reviews help your business improve visibility for keyword searches related to your products or services.

The text and keywords in reviews give Google more signals about the business’s offerings, specialty areas, and sentiment from actual customers. This helps improve relevance in local search results and boost Google reviews SEO.

6. Review score

A high review score signals widespread customer approval, making the business seen as an authority in its industry and rank for relevant searches.

For example, when someone uses the term “best” in their searches, only businesses with an average star rating of 4.0 or higher will appear in local results.

7. Review recency & frequency

Recent and frequent new reviews can enhance your local SEO presence. Google aims to surface relevant local results, and newer reviews provide up-to-date feedback versus outdated observations.

A steady flow of recent reviews shows your business is still actively operating and delivers consistent excellent experiences over the long term.

Optimizing Google Reviews for Better SEO

Follow these best practices for optimizing and managing Google reviews SEO:

Google reviews optimization tips to improve local SEO1. Verify & manage your Business Profile

Ensuring your Google Business Profile is verified, complete, and regularly updated is the first step to optimizing it for better SEO.

According to Google itself, keeping your business information accurate, complete, and engaging will maximize how often people find your business in local search results.

Ensure your business information is complete

Fill in every field in your business profile and select a category that most accurately matches your business. Google cites category as a factor in local SEO ranking and is generally considered one of the most influential.

Did you know: Having a complete Business Profile makes customers 70% more likely to visit and 50% more likely to purchase from a business.

Keep your business profile regularly updated

Keeping your profile regularly updated and business information current signals to Google that the profile is actively managed, providing more SEO opportunities.

Google indicates that businesses should regularly add photos or videos to their profiles to promote engagement with customers and boost ranking in search results.

Did you know: Businesses with photos on their Business Profiles get 42% more requests for driving directions on Google Maps and 35% more website clicks than those without photos.

Interact with customers

Engaging with existing and potential customers across your Business Profile through review responses, posts, and Q&A can contribute to Google reviews SEO.

Responding promptly to reviews, whether positive or negative, shows customers that their feedback is valued. This increases the likelihood of future business.

Use Google Posts to highlight new inventory, offers, events, etc. This gives existing customers an incentive to return and potential customers a reason to buy from you.

Answering Q&A questions by providing helpful responses to commonly asked questions demonstrates your dedication to customer service.

2. Get frequent high-quality reviews

A steady stream of genuine, high-quality Google reviews that include text, photos, and videos is the most beneficial for your local SEO. Ask your happy customers for feedback regularly and make it easy to leave reviews.

Customer leaving a positive Google review with comments and photos

Google favors high-quality reviews by featuring ones with comments and photos as “Most relevant” at the top of your review page, easily visible to searchers.

Keywords in written reviews make your business stand out in local results and can enhance your overall Google reviews SEO efforts.

3. Embed reviews on your website

Adding reviews to your website not only provides social proof to visitors about the quality of your business but also helps with SEO efforts.

Businesses can embed a reviews widget on their websites to showcase their best positive 5-star Google reviews. This builds trust with potential new customers and reinforces online reputation.

4. Comply with Google’s policies

Be sure to comply with Google’s review policies to remain in good standing with Google. Violating policies can lead to penalties that affect local SEO ranking.

Make sure you understand what isn’t allowed—like incentivizing customers for reviews or buying fake positive Google reviews. Violators get their reviews removed and their business profiles suspended, so it’s crucial to stay compliant.

5. Use a Review Management tool

A review management tool like RevieWise can boost review generation and enable quick responses to customer reviews with AI, helping with Google reviews SEO.

Key features include:

  • A centralized dashboard to conveniently manage reviews from multiple review sites
  • Automated review collection tools to easily get customer reviews
  • AI-powered review responses tailored to each review
  • Review widgets to showcase positive reviews on your website and social media
  • Multi-location support to manage multiple business locations
  • Review performance analytics

A strong, consistent online presence built through comprehensive SEO and online marketing strategies, including Google reviews SEO, is key to business success.

Get started with our 7-day free trial, or schedule a demo.

Key Takeaways

  • Google reviews are an important factor in local search engine optimization and can help improve rankings and visibility.
  • Key Google reviews SEO ranking factors include review quantity, ratings, Business Profile completeness, review response rate, review quality, recency, and score.
  • Best practices include optimizing your Business Profile, getting frequent high-quality reviews, adding reviews on your site, complying with policies, and using review management software.
  • A strong online presence incorporating Google reviews SEO helps connect more customers to your business. The more visible and reputable your business is, the more conversions and customers you gain.


Google reviews are invaluable for enhancing local SEO and should be a core part of any local business’s online marketing strategy.

Putting effort into optimizing your Google Business Profile and proactively getting positive customer feedback pays dividends through better visibility and more sales.

Consistently monitoring and expanding your Google reviews SEO efforts over time will ensure your business keeps showing up prominently across Google.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Google Reviews SEO

Do Google reviews help business?

Yes, Google reviews can help your business by improving your visibility in local SEO search results, building trust and credibility with potential customers, and driving more clicks and conversions. The more positive reviews you have, the more Google’s algorithm favors your business.

How many Google reviews do I need?

You need only one for your star rating to show, and at least 10-20 reviews to start seeing better SEO rankings in local searches. However, the quality and recency of reviews matter just as much. Rather than aiming for a specific total number of reviews, focus on consistently getting new high-quality reviews over time.

How many Google reviews per day?

There is no limit on the number of reviews you can receive per day. However, a steady stream of new reviews over time is ideal, as an unrealistic influx in reviews daily could appear suspicious and trigger Google’s spam filters. Aim for a reasonable number of new reviews spaced out consistently over days and weeks.

Do Google Business Profile posts help SEO?

Yes, Google Business Profile posts can lead to higher click-through rates which helps your SEO. When you post engaging content, it drives users to interact more with your business profile and website. This increased traffic does positively influence your overall SEO over time by boosting engagement signals for Google.

How does Google rank you?

Google uses a complex algorithm that considers 3 key elements: relevance to the search, distance, and prominence. More specifically, this includes factors like reviews, ratings, and how complete your Business Profile is. Other off-site factors like presence across the web and position in web results also play a role.

What makes a Google review most relevant?

A relevant Google review should be useful and contain detailed authentic first-hand experience with a business. Google aims to provide the most relevant insights to help searchers make an informed decision. Factors for a review to be marked as relevant include length, recency, and quality written content with photos.

Do keywords in Google reviews matter?

Yes, keywords in reviews can help improve visibility in local search. When customers use relevant keywords related to your products or services in their reviews, it signals to Google what you offer. Having relevant keywords show up regularly in reviews can help your business stand out in search results for those terms.

What is a good Google review score?

A review score of at least 4.0 out of 5 stars is considered top-rated. According to Spiegel Research Center, scores between 4.2 and 4.5 are the most ideal. People tend to trust ratings of 4.7 more than a perfect 5.0. The more numerous and frequent your positive reviews, the more Google recognizes your business quality.

Can you pay Google to increase SEO?

No. As per Google’s statement, there is no way to request or pay Google for higher local rankings. Google keeps its algorithm details confidential specifically to ensure a fair ranking system for all. The best approach is to focus on SEO best practices including Google reviews SEO and other online marketing efforts.

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