8 Ways to Get a 5 Star Google Review (+ Keep a High Rating)

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5 star Google review

Getting a 5 star Google review has never been more important for businesses. With over 98% of customers reading online reviews before visiting a local business, positive reviews greatly impact your visibility, credibility, and sales.

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This article will explore how Google’s review rating system works, why positive reviews matter, and ways to get 5 star Google reviews for your business.

What Is a 5 Star Google Review?

A 5 star Google review is the highest score a customer can give to rate their experience with a business. It signals excellence in the quality of products or services and high customer satisfaction.

Google uses a rating system for customers to evaluate businesses on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, indicating their levels of satisfaction. Along with the star rating, customers can leave written feedback and comments about their interaction with a company.

Google reviews and ratings play a vital role in influencing local search rankings and in how people find businesses online. The more 5 star Google reviews a business gets, the greater an impact on that business’s success.

How customers leave Google reviews

Here’s how a customer can leave a 5 star Google review on a business:

  • Open Google Search in a browser or Google Maps app on a phone or tablet.
  • Sign in to Google account.
  • Search for the business name to review.
  • Select the “Reviews” tab next to the listing.
  • Click “Write a review” or tap on the number of stars to rate the business.
  • Write details about the experience with the product or service.

Customer giving a 5 star review

Examples of a great 5 star Google review

A 5 star Google review builds credibility for your business and serves as a powerful social proof. Here are just a few examples:

  • “I’ve been going to [business] for over 5 years now. The pancakes are absolute perfection and the staff always remembers my name. It’s my favorite breakfast spot in town for a reason – 5 stars all around!”

  • “Best plumbing service I’ve ever used. [business] was professional, affordable, and fixed all our issues in record time. Highly recommended!”

  • “We used [business] for our wedding and were blown away by their professionalism and attention to detail. Our photos perfectly captured the joy and love of our special day!”

Why are 5-Star Google Reviews Important?

There are many compelling reasons to prioritize getting more positive Google reviews:

Improve SEO and visibility

5 star Google reviews help your business rank higher in local search results on Google. More visibility leads to more click-through rates and traffic.

Obtaining more positive reviews makes you stand out from competitors and provides a greater chance of converting visitors into paying customers.

Boost credibility and trust

A 5 star Google review builds credibility and trust with potential new customers. Numerous positive reviews make your business appear more established, reputable, and trustworthy.

They serve as social proof that your business consistently satisfies customers at the highest level. This can convince customers to choose you over competitors with lower ratings.

Offset bad 1 star reviews

5 star Google reviews help offset the negative impact of the occasional bad 1-star review your business might receive.

A single poor rating can significantly drag down your overall review score if you have few reviews. But if you have a high volume of high-star reviews, a couple bad ratings won’t hurt as much. The positive reviews offset and outweigh the negative.

Multiple 5 star Google reviews offset 1 star review

For example, if you have 25 reviews with 20 five stars and 5 one stars, your average rating would be 4.2. Versus if you only had 10 total reviews with 5 fives and 5 ones, you’d be at a 3.0 average.

So it’s important to maintain a steady influx of 4 or 5-star Google reviews to fortify your overall score.

Enhance brand image

While a few bad reviews are inevitable even for the best businesses, having strong 5 star Google review numbers helps enhance your brand image.

Predominantly positive feedback indicates that the few poor reviews do not characterize most people’s experience with your business. This assures potential customers that overall you provide a very high level of customer satisfaction.

Generate more leads and sales

A high rating on Google reviews leads directly to higher click-through rates on your website and increased consumer interest in purchasing from you.

When a potential customer sees the majority of reviewers praising your business with a 5 star Google review, they feel more confident in choosing your brand. This results in a higher sales conversion rate overall.

How to Get More Google Reviews

  1. Prioritize excellent customer service
  2. Incentivize staff to get Google reviews
  3. Ask customers directly
  4. Create & share review link
  5. Send follow-up review requests via email or SMS
  6. Add a Google reviews widget to your website
  7. Share positive reviews on social media
  8. Use a review management platform

Here are 8 ways to get more Google reviews for your business:

1. Prioritize excellent customer service

Providing excellent customer service is the foundation for getting a 5 star Google review. Make sure your staff is well-trained, friendly, and provides great service during every customer interaction. Deal with any issues promptly and appropriately. This will lead to more satisfied customers who are happy to leave positive feedback.

According to a survey, 81% of people say they would readily leave a positive review if the business went above and beyond to ensure they had a great experience.

2. Incentivize staff to get Google reviews

One effective way to get more reviews is to incentivize your staff to request them from your happy customers. Set review goals and offer rewards when milestones for accumulated 4 or 5-star Google reviews are achieved on a monthly or quarterly basis.

For example, reward your staff with a team cash bonus, and an extra gift for any employee whose name is mentioned in a review.

The key is to motivate them and make review requests a part of their regular work routine. When your team is engaged and rewarded, they will strive to deliver great experiences and secure the best 5 star Google review.

3. Ask customers directly

Simply ask a customer directly. Most happy customers are willing to leave a review on Google if asked. Be polite in your request without being overbearing, and if needed, offer instructions.

First, inquire if they were satisfied with their experience. If they say yes, ask if they would mind taking a moment to leave a review. Make it easy for them by providing a QR code to scan or distributing “Leave us a review on Google” cards.

Customer scanning QR code to leave a 5 star review on Google

4. Create & share review link

Create a review link that goes directly to your Google review page for customers to easily leave reviews. Share it in your email signatures, newsletters, surveys, and other channels. Including calls-to-action across all customer touchpoints increases the likelihood of receiving Google reviews.

5. Send follow-up review requests via email or SMS

Send personalized follow-up review requests to happy customers via email and SMS. Briefly recap their positive experience and provide a link and instructions to leave a review on Google. Spread out requests over a 1-2 week window after purchase or completion of service.

6. Add a Google reviews widget to your website

Add a Google reviews widget or badge to your website to showcase your best 4 and 5-star review ratings. Seeing glowing reviews from other customers not only acts as social proof to site visitors but also nudges your existing customers to add their reviews to the collection.

7. Share positive reviews on social media

Share positive reviews on social media, highlighting wholesome or humourous reviews to promote engagement and encourage others to leave their own reviews. Don’t just ask for reviews, show how good they can be.

Periodically feature a 5 star Google review that shows what you do best and give the reviewers a shoutout, thanking them publicly. This shows you value their feedback, makes them feel special, and prompts more customers to do the same.

8. Use a review management platform

Use a review management platform to facilitate acquiring more Google reviews. Some like RevieWise, provide automated review generation tools to boost the process and help you streamline your review management.

Other key benefits include:

  • Monitoring and managing your reviews from various review sites in one dashboard
  • Email, SMS, and WhatsApp campaigns
  • AI-powered review responses
  • Unique QR code and review link
  • Customizable review widgets, and more features.

Use Best Practices to Get (and Maintain) High-Quality Google Reviews and Ratings

Getting high-quality, positive Google reviews is critical for any business aiming to build credibility and attract new customers. However, there are right and wrong ways to solicit Google reviews.

To maintain a 5 star Google review rating, follow these guidelines when collecting and managing reviews for your business:

Claim, optimize & manage your Business Profile

Creating a Google Business Profile will get your business listed on Google and is your first step in getting 5-star reviews, for free. Once claimed and verified, you can manage how your business information appears and interact with customers.

Optimizing your profile with high-resolution photos, business hours, contact details, and other relevant information helps people easily find you and learn about your company.

Keep your business profile up-to-date, post updates with engaging content, and respond to reviews. An actively managed profile on Google presents a professional image and inspires trust in your company.

Follow Google’s review policies

Google has specific policies regarding reviews that businesses should follow to avoid violating terms of service. Ensure you and your employees understand Google’s review policies so your business complies.

Violating policies can lead to penalties like review removal, business profile suspension, and a negative impact on your ranking.

So, it’s important to know what you can and can’t do:

Thumbs up and down for dos and don'ts of 5 star Google reviews

Can I ask for a 5 star Google review?

While requesting reviews from customers is allowed and highly encouraged, do not specifically ask for a positive or 5 star Google review.

According to Google’s policy, “selectively soliciting positive reviews from customers” is prohibited.

Can I give rewards or incentives for reviews?

No, you cannot offer rewards, discounts, gifts, or other incentives to customers in exchange for Google reviews of any kind.

Google states that “Business owners shouldn’t offer incentives to customers to leave reviews.”

Google’s policy doesn’t allow Content that has been incentivized by a business in exchange for discounts, free goods and/or services. (This includes merchant requests for revision or removal of a negative review through offered discounts, free goods or services, or other incentives.)”

Can my employees leave reviews?

No, your employees are not allowed to leave Google reviews on your own business. Reviews should come from actual paying clientele not personally invested in the business.

According to Google’s policy, Content that is based on a conflict of interest.” is not acceptable.

Can I buy Google 5 star reviews?

Buying reviews is strictly against Google’s policies. It is also illegal according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Google uses an automated system to detect fake reviews and will remove them even after they get published. So, don’t waste money on buying 5 star Google review and risk getting penalized. Instead, seek genuine reviews from your satisfied customers and encourage them to leave you a review on Google.

Following best practices and investing in a review management platform ensures you generate genuine positive reviews consistently that you can be confident will remain.

Google’s policy prohibits:

  • Paying, incentivising or encouraging the posting of content that does not represent a genuine experience.”
  • “Content that is not based on a real experience and does not accurately represent the location or product in question.”
  • “Content that has been posted from multiple accounts to manipulate a place’s rating.”

Encourage customers to post reviews with comments & photos

Encourage your happy customers not only to rate stars but also to write review comments and post photos. This will help your SEO and give you extra benefits.

Unlike rating-only reviews, Google reviews with comments and photos are likely to get featured at the top of your review page which is sorted by “Most Relevant” by default.

Additionally, customer reviews that contain relevant keywords to your industry help improve your rankings for these particular keywords and boost SEO.

Collect new positive Google reviews consistently

While overall star rating matters, the frequency and recency of your reviews are key factors that Google considers to determine your ranking in local search results.

So, ensure you generate a steady stream of new reviews by taking proactive measures. Set a goal for getting a set number of 4 or 5-star Google reviews weekly or monthly.

Respond to all customer reviews

Respond to every new review that comes in within 24 hours. This makes for a good impression and shows customers you value their input, which encourages others to leave reviews.

When a customer takes the time to leave feedback, thank them for their review. For a positive 4 or 5 star Google review, show appreciation. For a negative 1 to 3 star review, apologize, address concerns professionally, and offer to make things right.

Remove fake negative reviews

While genuine negative feedback can be constructive, fake bad 1 star reviews from competitors or malicious individuals can mislead customers and harm your business.

Routinely check for suspicious negative reviews that seem fake or spammy so you can deal with them swiftly. In these cases, Google can remove the 1-star reviews. To report a fake review for removal, click the vertical three dots next to the review and select “Report review”.

Staying on top of false Google reviews keeps your star rating authentic and helps prevent sabotage of your brand reputation.

Make it quick & easy to leave reviews

Make the review process effortless for customers across all touchpoints. The more seamless you make leaving reviews, the more customers will participate, boosting your review score and online reputation.

A review management platform like RevieWise offers such convenience with a complete solution for businesses to easily collect 5 star Google review ratings and manage their online reviews from one place.

Following our best practices and using the right tools will ensure your Google star rating remains at its peak.

Get started with our 7-day free trial, or book a demo.

Key Takeaways

  • Getting a 5 star Google review improves visibility, boosts credibility, enhances brand image, and generates more sales.
  • Prioritize excellent customer service and incentivize staff to interact with customers to get more Google reviews.
  • Ask customers directly for reviews, send follow-up emails or SMS, add review widgets to your site, and leverage review management platforms.
  • Follow Google’s policies around reviews and do not offer incentives for reviews or buy fake 5 star Google review ratings.
  • Encourage detailed reviews with comments and photos, and make the review process quick and easy.
  • Collect new reviews consistently, respond professionally to all reviews, and remove fake negative ones.


An impeccable 5 star Google review is vital for any business today, serving as a coveted ticket to success. By delivering exceptional experiences and proactively collecting reviews using best practices, you can build up more 5 stars over time.

This will help your company stand out from the competition and drive more sales. Consistently getting new high-quality, positive reviews and maintaining a high average rating on Google should be an ongoing priority.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about 5 Star Google Review

How do I find my Google rating?

  1. Go to Google Search or Google Maps.
  2. Search for your business name.
  3. Click on your total Google reviews or the “Reviews” tab.

How many reviews do I need for it to show on Google?

Only one Google review. Your star rating shows up as soon as you get your first review on your Google business profile. It used to be that you needed at least 5 reviews for an overall star rating to appear publicly next to your business on Google but this is no longer the case.

How does Google calculate 5-star rating?

Here is the formula:

Average Star Rating = Sum of All Stars Received / Total Number of Reviews

The review score is the arithmetic average of all ratings received. It is calculated by adding all individual stars from each review and dividing by the total number of reviews.

For example, if you have two 5-star reviews, one 4-star review, and one 1-star review, your overall rating would be calculated as follows:

((2 x 5) + (1 x 4) + (1 x 1)) / 4 = 3.75 or 3.8 when rounded.

Note: It may take up to 2 weeks for your Google average star rating to update after receiving a new review.

What is a good star rating on Google?

A 4+ Google star rating is considered good and trustworthy. According to a study by Spiegel Research Center, 4.2-4.5 are the most ideal and influential. Most successful businesses maintain between 4.4 and 4.9. According to Search Engine Land, businesses that get past 3.7 start benefit from the highest conversion rates.

How many 5 star reviews does it take to increase Google rating?

It would take 10 more 5-star Google reviews to raise your rating from 3.8 to 4.7, if you currently have a total of 4 reviews, for example.

Google Review Calculator

Use our free Google Review Calculator to determine the number of 5-star Google reviews needed to increase your average star rating.

How do I get a 5.0 Google rating?

Once you reach a 4.95 rating or higher, your Google review score will be rounded to 5.0. To achieve and maintain 5 stars: aim to provide outstanding service consistently, ask every happy customer for a review, remove fake bad reviews, make it easy to leave a review & use review management tools for maximum efficiency.

Do people trust 5-star reviews?

Yes, most people trust businesses with mostly 5-star reviews but research shows many are skeptical of perfect overall 5-star ratings. They are perceived as “too good to be true”, while a mix of positive and negative reviews strengthens credibility. But 4+ star brands are trusted far more than lower-rated competitors.

How do you automate 5 star reviews?

By using a review generation tool, businesses can automate and streamline their Google review collection and management. With RevieWise, you can send automated review requests via email or SMS to customers post-purchase. This, alongside other features, ensures you generate a steady stream of new Google reviews.

How do I make a pre-filled 5 star Google review link?

You can no longer create a 5 star Google review link. Previously, you could set up a review request link that was pre-populated with 5 stars to send to customers, but not anymore. Instead, you can use a review management platform like RevieWise to get the whole package—review link, QR code, automation & more features.

Why does Google remove positive 5 star reviews?

Here are several reasons why a 5 star Google review might be removed or disappear:

  • Violations of Google’s content policies
  • The review was fake, paid for, or incentivized
  • Posted by an employee
  • Flagged and reported by a user
  • The reviewer deleted it
  • Erroneous removal by Google’s automated spam detection

If a legitimate review was inadvertently removed, you can contact Google Support to have it reinstated.

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