Questions Answered: All About Yelp Reviews



Unravelling the Basics

Yelp not only provides a platform for people to discover new places, but it can also be used by businesses as an opportunity to expand their reach. With over 142 million visitors each month, Yelp has quickly become an important resource for both customers and business owners alike.

For customers, Yelp provides them with an opportunity to inform others of their experience while also providing access to reviews from other customers that can help guide their own decisions. Similarly, businesses get a chance to showcase what makes them special and receive feedback in order to improve customer satisfaction. Additionally, Yelp reviews can lead directly to increased sales as more people find out about the business.

What is Yelp?

Founded in 2004 by former PayPal employees Jeremy Stoppelman and Russel Simmons, Yelp was created to provide an easy way for customers to search and post reviews of local businesses. The platform has since grown into a major powerhouse, with more than 244 million reviews.

Yelp has been referred to as the “modern online yellow pages,” due to its comprehensive business database that are similar in nature to what you would find in a traditional phone book. It also enables customers to provide detailed feedback on a wide array of businesses from restaurants, bars, hotels and salons to auto repair shops and more. This allows users to easily compare different establishments before making a decision about where they want to go or what services they need.

How is It Useful for Businesses?

Yelp reviews are a great way for businesses to gain insight about their customers’ experience, giving them an opportunity to improve customer service, boost customer loyalty, and increase revenue.

Attract New Customers

Yelp reviews can play a large role in helping to draw in potential customers. People are much more likely to purchase from a business if they see glowing customer reviews on their page; this creates a feeling of confidence that what you’re buying is reliable and trustworthy. Additionally, these Yelp reviews provide valuable information about your product or service that people may not have known about before seeing them on the review site.

Boost Brand Reputation

Yelp reviews are a great way for businesses to gain exposure and drive customers through their doors. With Yelp, business owners have the opportunity to showcase their products and services to potential customers with helpful reviews. By utilizing Yelp, businesses can reach out to more people in their community and grow brand recognition in a positive way.

Improve Search Ranking

Though Yelp reviews do not always show up above Google’s own search results, studies have shown that Yelp reviews still have an impact on search rankingsHaving positive Yelp reviews and a high review count make it easier for businesses to rank higher in search engines results.

Identify Areas of Improvement

Yelp reviews give businesses a platform to better understand the needs of their customers. Reading through Yelp reviews can provide valuable insight into what people like and don’t like about your products or services, which can help you make changes or adjustments to better meet customer demands.

Free Advertising

Finally, Yelp is free for business owners to set up an account, making it a low-cost way for them to promote their products and services online.

Where to Start?

While Yelp can be a great way for businesses to gain exposure, it’s important to understand how the platform works in order to make the most of it. Businesses can start by claiming their own page on Yelp so they have control over how their business looks on the website. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to, and enter your business name. If your business is not already listed, simply click “Add to Yelp for free,” and provide your business details.
  2. Create your free business user account by submitting an email address and password. Make sure to check your inbox regularly to stay up-to-date with your page’s activity.
  3. Verify your account by entering a verification code. You’ll receive it either through email or contact number specified on your page.

Follow the instructions in your account to complete your page. Within a few business days, you’ll be notified when your business page is verified and ready!

How to Make your Yelp Page Shine?

Not only will having a dedicated page allow customers to review and rate their experience with you, it also serves as an advertisement for potential customers who may come across it. Having an up-to-date page on Yelp makes it easier to find accurate information about your business, shows that you are active, and is more likely to spark interest in potential customers.

  • Make your online storefront inviting. By customizing your online storefront, you can create a professional and inviting atmosphere that will capture attention. You can add photos and descriptions of products or services you offer so potential customers know what you’re all about.
  • List your accurate operating hours. Yelp allows users to search for businesses that are “open now”–a special feature that filters search results based on operating hours. So, make sure to fill in your operating hours. Special hours, as well as days off or holidays, should also be noted in order to let people know. It helps prevent any unnecessary frustration that can arise if someone shows up when you’re not open.
  • Showcase your business. Through the “From the business” section, you can highlight your specialties, share the story behind your business’s journey, and introduce yourself as the Owner or Manager. This will demonstrate your professionalism, and create a positive impression on potential customers.
  • Respond to reviews. You’ll also want to respond quickly to customer reviews; this shows potential customers that you’re engaged with them and take their feedback seriously.

Having an accurate and up-to-date listing on Yelp can be a major factor in helping businesses meet their goals by converting potential customers into paying customers.

How to Get Yelp Reviews Without Asking?

Getting Yelp reviews is an important part of marketing a business. Whether you own a restaurant, boutique, or any other type of business, reviews can help attract more customers and increase your sales. However, it’s important to note that businesses are not allowed to directly ask nor incentivize patrons for Yelp reviews.

So, how do you get Yelp reviews when it is against the rules to ask customers to leave one? There are several strategies that businesses can still use to begin accumulating Yelp reviews.

Deliver Excellence

The first strategy is a no-brainer: provide an excellent customer experience at all times. It can be achieved by understanding customers’ needs and responding promptly and appropriately. Additionally, providing customers with quality products or services will lead them to leave reviews. Thereby, generating positive word-of-mouth advertising for your business.

Broadcast your Yelp Storefront

You can bring attention to your business page on Yelp by adding your Yelp review badge to your website or emails. This review badge showcases your review count and star rating. This way, you can let current and potential customers know that you have a presence on the review platform, and encourage them to leave their feedback.

Additionally, you can remind your patrons in your physical store that you’re on Yelp by putting up a “Find us on Yelp” sticker. To make it easy for customers to leave their reviews, you can make a QR code available for them to scan. RevieWise offers businesses this feature, allowing them to benefit from enhanced customer experience and collect more positive reviews.

Engage with Customers

It is beneficial for a business to respond to all customer reviews publicly with appreciation, which reinforces the idea that the business values its customers’ opinions and wants them to have an enjoyable experience when doing business with them.

Social media also provides a great platform for getting the word out about your business; however, it’s important to remember that simply creating accounts is not enough. Posting regular updates and engaging with customers via comments and mentions can really help drive traffic. By being active on these platforms, you can encourage people to post their experiences with your company.

Show Off Your Best Reviews

Businesses can use Yelp reviews to their advantage by featuring their best reviews prominently.

RevieWise helps businesses showcase their top-rated customer experiences by providing them with a special widget that lets them display reviews on their website or social media pages. This demonstrates to prospective customers that they are reliable and trusted providers, and also serves as a reminder for customers to leave their feedback.


Customer reviews can have a significant impact on businesses. Yelp provides an easy way for customers to leave reviews and provide feedback, which can be both positive and negative. Having plenty of good ratings can give any business credibility in the eyes of potential customers. Conversely, businesses with many negative ratings may suffer from decreased patronage due to customer concerns about quality or service levels.

Business owners should be aware of the potential in online reviews, as they are an important factor for determining how successful their business will be in the eyes of consumers. In today’s digital age, it is essential for entrepreneurs to ensure that they have an effective review management strategy in place.

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